The revolutionary technology in Medicine

Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR) is an innovative and unique technology, developed and patented by Telea Electronic Engineering srl. What makes QMR technology unique is the ability to interact with the molecular bonds without increasing the tissue temperature. Furthermore, all of the devices of Telea Medical are tested for the biological safety.

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QMR products in Surgery

Amazing results in the Surgical field has been reached through Veslaius product line. QMR Technology allows a precise cut and delicate coagulation at low temperature (below 50°) thanks to a resonance effect on the tissue that minimizes the thermal damage.

QMR products in Physiotherapy

The medical device Q-Physio is a real revolution in the fields of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. It is the only device that induces a true regeneration of damaged tissue by interacting with adult stem cells.

QMR products in Aesthetic Medicine

The QMR Technology is used in the Aesthetic Medicine through the Rexon-Age 2 Medical Device that stimulates skin and muscle tissue regeneration, deteriorated by aging.