Telea Electronic Engineering srl (Telea Medical) was founded in Sandrigo (Vicenza, Italy) in 1988 by the brothers Arnaldo and Gianantonio Pozzato.

It is the only company in the world that produces Medical Devices based on the unique QMR Technology.

Telea Medical has consolidated its presence on national and international markets through constant and continuous growth. Nowadays Telea’s products are distributed in over 20 countries.

We design and manufacture medical devices based on a unique and patented QMR (Quantum Molecular Resonance) Technology.

The company’s technology enables the doctors to provide safe operations and treatments as all of the devices are tested for the biological safety.

QMR Technology fields of application:

Aesthetic Medicine
Tissue Engineering

QMR Technology is the result of Telea Medical continuous scientific research and collaboration with the best Italian and foreign universities. We ensure that our devices are at the forefront of technology and biological safety.

We believe in research that studies new techniques to stimulate regeneration and healing processes of the human body.

Between science and technology we are at the service of human health that improves quality of life. We create Medical Devices based on the unique QMR Technology that regenerates and preserves biological tissue.

QMR Technology has been studied for more than twenty years and it is constantly evolving.

Our company launches various collaboration projects with leading Italian and foreign universities and research centers, that have opened up new areas of application of QMR Technology.

Together with several partners Telea Medical has recently created new international companies whose products are based on our technology.

Telea Biotech was founded in 2011. The company’s target is to provide scientific research and develop products in the field of Tissue Engineering. Telea Biotech has already reached significant results by creating biological tissue that can be surgically implanted on patients. At the moment the research is focused on the regeneration of the esophagus and other types of biological tissue. The studies of esophagus are provided in the collaboration of the biggest Pediatric Hospital of Italy based in Rome “Il Bambino Gesù”.

A new company Resono Ophthalmic was established in 2014. After a long scientific study conducted with high-level professionals from the University of Verona and University of Padua, the new medical device Rexon-Eye was created. It is a non-invasive device based on the QMR Technology that provides durable treatment for all forms of dry eye syndromes.

Quanteq Co. LTD is our global strategic partner in South Korea. Quanteq is in contact with the top Clinics and Universities of Korea where other clinical trials are ongoing using our QMR Technology.