Patented Revolutionary Technology

Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR), is an innovative and unique technology, developed and patented by Telea Electronic Engineering Srl. QMR was born from a brilliant invention of Gianantonio Pozzato who already has a clear vision of the evolution of medicine:
“The future of the Medicine is Regeneration”, – believes G.Pozzato.
Clinical studies have shown that uncontrolled hyperthermia can cause irreparable thermal damage to biological tissue which can result in necrosis of human tissue.
Most of the time this mechanism is used in Surgery to obtain cutting and coagulating effects, and in Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine as a therapeutic treatment.
What makes QMR technology unique and innovative is the ability to influence on the biological tissue through the different frequencies transmitted simultaneously. This technology does not use heat (like most of the other technologies available on the market) and is much more efficient, effective and less invasive.

Low temperatures

As mentioned before, to provide the medical treatment QMR Technology does not use heat but a combination of different frequencies.

For example QMR surgical devices (Vesalius) are operating with the temperature below 50°. The cutting function causes a breakdown of molecular bonds at low temperature and thanks to a limited thermal damage, permits an extremely delicate incision.

Biological safety

All Telea Medical devices based on the QMR Technology are biologically safe.
Our company has conducted studies on chromosomes, apoptosis, proteins and 28,000 genes that have confirmed biological safety aimed at ensuring the absence of cellular damage on the patient
QMR Technology is used in several medical fields: