Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR) technology is applied in surgery through Vesalius devices. QMR surgery devices are tools of excellence, that allow the surgeon to operate with greatest care and respect of biological structures and tissues, since they allow to cut and coagulate soft tissues at a temperature lower than 50 °C.

Differently from the more traditional Electro and Radiofrequency generators, that base their operating principle on a simple thermal energy transfer (heat generated by the flow of electric current), Quantum Molecular Resonance surgery units use a frequency spectrum that causes only a minimal thermal increase. The main component of energy transmitted to the tissue interacts directly at the molecular level, by breaking up molecular bonds in a non-thermal way. This effect is obtained thanks to the peculiar spectrum of frequencies transmitted by Vesalius generators, which are extremely high (ranging from 4 MHz to 16 MHz) and of values such as it is maximal the resonance effect induced on molecular bonds.

In order to break up molecular bonds while keeping the temperature of the surrounding tissues low, it is of utmost importance being able to induce a resonance effect at the molecular level.

To understand the importance of the role that plays the resonance effect, think about the example of the crystal glass that shatters when it is hit by a sound wave of appropriate frequency. As it is widely known, the breaking up of the glass does not depend from the intensity of the sound wave, while instead from the fact that it is properly tuned on the resonance frequency of the glass.

Vesalius units allow obtaining an extremely precise and delicate surgery thanks to the low working temperature.

Coagulation is obtained using the same principle of energy transfer. In this case, the increase in temperature on the tissue is limited to about 65°C, in order to enable the protein denaturation of the fibrinogen that, converting into fibrin, coagulates the vessels without damaging them.

Vesalius MCN Plus – QMR surgery unit, both monopolar and bipolar functions, specific for Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery.

Vesalius MC – QMR surgery unit, both monopolar and bipolar functions. It is a very versatile device, which can be used within several surgery fields; such as:

  • Maxillo Facial
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Gynecology

Vesalius LX Plus – QMR surgery unit, both monopolar and bipolar functions. Mainly for office use, on several fields such as: Dermatology, ENT, Gynecology, Plastic Surgery, Oral Surgery.

Vesalius Essential – QMR surgery unit, only bipolar function. Specific for Neurosurgery. Vesalius Essential has its own specifically designed range of single-use bipolar forceps (Black Soul Forceps).

Vesalius Quantum – QMR surgery unit, both monopolar and bipolar functions. Specific for ENT. Quantum has its own specifically designed range of single-use and reusable electrodes.