Webinar | Advantages of QMR in Tumor Management
Sharing Experiences from Top Vesalius Experts Around the World
Date: July 29 2021
Welcome to Vesalius Academy.
Telea Medical is pleased to present the first of a series of webinars that aim to create a network of expert users and to facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise in the various fields of surgery. The QMR technology used by Vesalius allows raising the standards of traditional electro surgery by introducing new levels of precision and delicacy of the surgical act.
A community of thousands of Vesalius users is scattered around the world, through these webinars, we aim to create a link between them.
Different applications of Vesalius in lateral skull base surgery
Dr. Maurizio Falcioni
ENT and Otoneurosurgical
Department, Parma,
Awake Surgery. Skull base case and endoscopic surgery with Vesalius
Park, Hun Ho
Clinical Associate Professor, 
Department of Neurosurgery 
Skull Base and Neuro-Oncology Center, 
Gangnam Severance Hospital, 
Yonsei University Health System 
Seoul, Korea
Surgical strategy for craniopharyngiomas
Hidehiro OKA
Professor, Department of 
Neurosurgery, Kitasato University  
Associate Dean, Kitasato  
Medical Center  
Presentations & Program
Dr. Falcioni: “Different Applications of Vesalius in Lateral Skull Base Surgery”
Dr. Park: “Awake Surgery. Skull Base case and Endoscopic Surgery with Vesalius“.
Prof. Oka “Surgical Strategy for Craniopharyngiomas”

6:00 PM Welcome
- Introduction to the first“Vesalius Academy”
- Company and technology presentation 6:15 Speakers’ introduction
6:20 Presentation 1 - Dr. Falcioni (20 min)
6:45 Presentation 2 – Dr. Park (20 min)
7:10 Presentation 3 - Prof. Oka (20 min)
7:35 Conclusion\Wrap up
This webinar has ended - Available soon the link to view this webinar offline
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