TELEA BIOTECH Srl is a Company engaged in Research and Development projects in the Tissue Engineering field.
The development of a new technology called QMR (Quantum Molecular Resonance), patented, produced and developed by Telea Electronic Engineering srl, has allowed us to undertake a project in the field of engineered treatment of natural biomaterials.
Telea Biotech is developing specific skills in the field of regenerative medicine. In this project are engaged researchers and specialized personnel for the treatment of acellular matrices and stem cell cultures; experimental trials are also conducted in vivo, in suitable environments and according to the law.
The highly qualified staff has degrees in Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Medicine and Veterinary.
Telea Biotech aims to develop an implantable device to be used in the regeneration of smooth muscle tissue starting from acellular tissues (“scaffold”) in combination with autologous stem cells, gathered directly from the patient who will undergo surgery.
Therefore, innovative prospects of treatment for many diseases, which unfortunately today affect both pediatric and adult patients, would open.
These are diseases whose treatment, in addition to being very expensive, leads to results that are often still not satisfactory. These include, for example, short bowel syndrome, esophageal atresia, the after-effects of severe ingestion of caustic substances, the lack of the abdominal wall, the diaphragm or the bladder.
For the treatment of the tissues a device has been realized, able to perform an ultrastructural and three-dimensional processing of the scaffolds, which are then used as a support for the seeding and proliferation of stem cells in combination or as an alternative to other biological factors such as platelet lysates, whose effectiveness in terms of tissue regeneration can be significantly increased.
The first results of this work have already been discussed in meetings and congresses, both national and international, aimed at an audience interested in both basic and clinical research and industrial production and related prospects for commercial development.
The project is extremely important for the quality of workmanship, the technology used, the number and importance of the patents developed, as well as the number and severity of patients who could benefit from it.