Quantum Molecular Resonance surgery devices allow to cut and coagulate soft tissues at a temperature lower than 50°C (human cells live up to 50°C). Thanks to the minimal thermal damage, they allow an extremely delicate surgery, safeguarding the integrity of the tissues and of the anatomical structures.


Q-PHYSIO, thanks to the QMR technology, induces a REAL REGENERATION of the damaged tissues by acting on adult stem cells (see scientific study “In-vitro analysis of Quantum Molecular Resonance effects on human mesenchymal-stromal cells”).


REXONAGE 2, thanks to the QMR Technology, induces a REAL REGENERATION of the aged or deteriorated epithelial and muscular tissues (thanks to the increase and to the remodelling of the collagen type 1, 2 and 3 and of the elastin).